How to mix and match jewellery

How to mix and match jewellery
17 April, 2021

Start by selecting a key piece of jewellery that you want to wear on a particular occasion or with a specific outfit. Use this as your starting point for accessorising.

Take a look at our mehndi and rose garnet necklace for a great focal piece. Alternatively our gold stacking ring with a small opal could be a much more subtle starting point.

If your starting point is a necklace, then look at layering different necklaces with it. If it's a ring, then you'll be layering on your fingers or perhaps your wrist on the same hand. That doesn't mean you can't also wear small pieces of jewellery elsewhere, but aim for these other pieces to be more subtle so they don't draw attention away from your focal point.

Layered necklaces are generally worn at different lengths, from choker to opera or longer. Generally choose an odd number of necklaces (3 or 5 will be great) with different or adjustable lengths, but sometimes just 2 necklaces will work well too. Wear necklaces which have some contrast between them in terms of shapes, colours or texture. Alternatively choose a standout focal piece and the others will be more subtle. Check out our necklace extenders in silver and gold to help make the most of your necklaces in this way.

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