An armlet or an armband, is a band of metal, usually a precious metal, worn as jewelry or an ornament around the biceps of the upper arm. The arm ring is similar to a bracelet or bangle, though it must be shaped and sized to fit snugly to the upper arm.

American Diamond Jewellery

American diamonds are the synthetic form of diamonds which is made in the specia..

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Body piercing jewellery

Body piercing jewelry is jewelry manufactured specifically for use in body pierc..

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Estate jewelry

Antique Jewelry or Estate Jewelry, in a formal sense, is jewelry and often timep..

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Green Metal Necklace

Grab this neckpiece for that rough and tough look. It has a drop length of 24 cm..

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Metallic Finish Traditional Necklace

It is entirely crafted out of metal chunks in shiny silver finish. This style is..

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Slave bracelet Slave bracelet

Slave bracelet

Slave bracelets are a piece of jewelry associated with several cultures. As it r..

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spiral Neckpiece

Get into glamour with this spiral neckpiece. It is entirely crafted out of metal..

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