A tiara (from Latin: tiara, from Ancient Greek: τιάρα) is a jeweled, ornamental crown traditionally worn by women. It is worn during formal occasions, particularly if the dress code is white tie.
Although usually associated with women of reigning and noble families, tiaras have been worn by commoners as well, especially rich American socialites like Barbara Hutton. Tiaras are generally a semi-circular or circular band, usually of precious metal, decorated with jewels and are worn as a form of adornment.

Alloy Metal Gold Necklace

It is a trendy neckpiece which has disc shaped metal charms arranged in a V-patt..

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Blossoming Neckpiece

This stylish neckpiece in gun metal finish is sure to give you a super chic and ..

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Estate jewelry

Antique Jewelry or Estate Jewelry, in a formal sense, is jewelry and often timep..

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Foilbacks, in vintage jewellery, is the practice of inserting metal foil behind ..

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Locket Locket


Lockets are generally worn on chains around the neck and often hold a photo of t..

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Puzzle ring

A puzzle ring is a jewelry ring made up of multiple interconnected bands, which ..

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Silver Plated Necklace

Avail from us a wide range of Antique Silver Metal Neklaces, as we are engaged i..

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Slave bracelet Slave bracelet

Slave bracelet

Slave bracelets are a piece of jewelry associated with several cultures. As it r..

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A fascinator is a formal headpiece, a style of millinery. Since the 1990s the te..

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