Reasons why you shouldn't buy a fake watches

Reasons why you shouldn't buy a fake watches
17 April, 2019

Watches have come an awfully long way since their inception and showcase luxury, personality, wealth, status, and craftsmanship.

Regardless of what watch you have whether it’s one worn by Obama or your favorite nostalgia-inducing Timex, they all have their unique meaning to the wearer. This is unless they are a fake watch, then the meaning is significantly different.

As with any popular products or industry, there will always be counterfeiters ready to make a quick buck, below are some reasons why you should not support these modern-day pirates.

  1. Low Quality
  2. With some high-end fakes, it may be harder to detect the nuances, but for the majority of counterfeit watches, the differences are noticeable even to the untrained eye. Even if you can not see it on the surface, the quality of a fake watch will be significantly cheaper and worse quality. Typically speaking replica watches can not always get all of the parts that make a particular brand unique.

  3. Short Lifespan
  4. Lifespans of watches can be across generations if kept correctly and manufactured with high-quality materials and by an expert. The same can not be said about a fake watch. They are made to make a quick buck and are sold with much lower quality materials inside.

  5. Tarnishes Your Reputation
  6. As we have alluded to in the previous points, a watch speaks a lot about you as a person. Some watches are designed to showcase personality with bright colors and themes, some are conversation pieces, and some are heirlooms.

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