The most obvious type of clock is an alarm clock that’s designed to alert you at a specified time. The main function of these clocks is to awaken you or send you a reminder. Most alarm clocks tend to use vibration, light, or sound as their alert functions.
 Light sensor clock  Light sensor clock

Light sensor clock

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Light sensor clocks are highly beneficial for children’s bedroom or a sick perso..

Calendar and Moonphase Watches

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Similar to a chronograph, the moon phase is also a feature on watches and those ..

Day & Night Watches Day & Night Watches

Day & Night Watches

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Day and night watches are practically similar to moon phase watches but quite li..

Dress Watch

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A dress watch is the most elegant of watches. It has one purpose and that’s to t..

Field Watch

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Field Watch were designed for officers who needed to coordinate attacks, tell ti..

GMT Watches

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GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. The key feature that differentiates a GMT wa..

Kinetic Watches

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A kinetic watch is a combination of quartz and automatic mechanical watches. ..

Luxury Watch

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These watches are great for watch collectors or watch connoisseurs and the ones ..

Multi-display clock Multi-display clock

Multi-display clock

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These types of clock features can be either digital or analog. Their main purpos..

Pilot Watch

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Gracing the wrist of pilots, these aviation timepieces have reached the apex of ..

Roman numerals clock Roman numerals clock

Roman numerals clock

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The Roman numerals clocks are the most classic types that date back to many cent..

Smart Watch Smart Watch

Smart Watch

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A smartwatch is a portable device that’s designed to be worn on the wrist, just ..

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